Landfill Gas Plants

Our landfill gas facilities are completely automated and requires no operating personnel. The plants are controlled by a PLC which monitors and calculates all the values of the operation. The facilities are governed exclusively by set values and should not require any advanced training. All gas installations are network and internet ready and can be monitored on the local network.
They are also prepared for external connection for gas supply to customers such as:

  • Gas engine
  • Gas turbine
  • Boiler room
  • District heating plants, etc

Our gas installations shall reflect high reliability from start to finish. The MGE-LFGP® landfill gas plants are completely automated for a long and tireless service to optimize the removal of gas from landfills. The Gas process provides a framework that was developed by us, which has a long experience in landfill gas systems. We have thoroughly done component and material selection of high quality, which will operate for a long time. Piping systems are of acid-resistant material and is TIG welded with ROOT gas to get high-quality welds. We do all design and engineering for MGE-LFGP® gasplants. The MGE-LFGP® gasplants are prepared to provide a consumer with a gas such as gas engine, heating systems etc.

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